We are a all around outdoors team, our passion fuels our addiction for this crazy sport we love. The definition of FERVOR is,passion,ardor,intensity,etc.. this is us, we live for the outdoors our team is built up of different people with different styles.We are a group of everyday hunters,trappers, fishers..but our same love for the outdoors is what we want to share. So follow our journeys and hold on you never know what will happen in the real world. No fences, No BS..
We just promise to 

Founder  of  Outdoor Fervor, John Ford

I, started my passion for the outdoors at a young age with fishing with family then came a BB gun. Id tag along when I was a older with my father on the great Wisconsin tradition of Gun deer hunting. Then at the age of 12 it was go time and from then on I was hooked.. My passion turned in to bowhunting and then came filming.Ive been filming for a number of years and now fell lost if i dont have a camera in the tree.. I foundered this team after i had chosen to leave a different team that i had started and handed over to the other team leader. I had a different vision and wanted to go my own way.. And then Outdoor Fervor was born..

Prostaff member, Ryan Zimmerman

Prostaff Member, Travis Alt


Prostaff Member, Nathan Alt

Prostaff team of father Jason Walrack And son Jaron Walrack

Prostaff member , Dylan Way, aka the reaper!

Prostaff member, Dalton Way

​Prostaff member,Matt Benish 

Prostaff Member,          Billy Degenhardt

Prostaff member, Dave Grivois

​Prostaff Member, Ethan Doro

Prostaff Member,  Derrick Warner

Prostaff Member,  Michael Degenhardt